Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Arabist: Syrian Cyber-Dissident Ibrahim Zoro arrested

Via The Arabist. I wish Pelosi's Road to Damascus included words on behalf of Ibrahim Zoro.
Reporters Without Borders has called for the immediate release of arrested human rights activist Ibrahim Zoro, who regularly posts material on foreign-based opposition websites. It noted that two other people were in prison in Syria for posting similar material.

It said the state security service, whose agents arrested Zoro on 5 April 2007 in Damascus, were “as always, acting quite illegally” and his family had not been told why he was picked up or where he was being held. “It is more like a kidnapping than an arrest,” the worldwide press freedom organisation said.

Zoro, who belongs to Syria’s Kurdish minority, was helping to organise a seminar called “The Philosophy of Lies.” He has posted many articles in Arabic on websites such as the blog Tharway and Mengos.

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Paul said...

A sad commentary. Syria is a totalitarian nation. A pox on on the Assads !