Thursday, March 15, 2007

Where'd the Greens go?

Anon 6:33 wrote,

Put Greens in elected office and they will actually have the spine to legalize gay marriage.
and got me googling around since Illinois Democrats have proposed some pretty sweeping programs and curious what Greens had to say.

Their Website shows Sustainability was the theme of their recent March meeting in Normal.

Sustained obscurity seems the case. No spine's need for that, and strange for a left party when McKenna's out there calling for Revolution.

From his email,
People in this state are hungry for reform and Republicans in Illinois must be ready for a new Republican revolution – The kind of revolution where we no longer accept the status quo – Where we no longer accept a government that spends more money than it takes in – Where we no longer accept a government that doesn’t respect or protect the family – Where we no longer accept a bloated, corrupt government that puts the needs of the Governor’s cronies before the needs of hard working middle class families.
Revolution, working families: maybe Citzen McKenna's figured out the Illinois GOP must be the Party of Sam's Club,
So today's Republican party should be in favor of helping recent immigrants get ahead and slowing the flow of illegal labor--in favor of providing a helping hand to the hard working poor and cutting subsidies to the idle and shiftless--in favor of a tax policy that favors the working class and the productive rich. Above all, it should be in favor of limited government, and in favor of using government's considerable power to shore up the institution that makes a limited government possible--the beleaguered but resilient American family.
Illinois needs revolution, not sustainability, for we've sustained plenty -traditional and non-traditional families alike- with little reform in sight.

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