Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Roeser on a "Bullet Proof" Giuliani

From Tom Roeser on Giuliani,
“Bulletproof” is a Chicago term for a politician whose popularity surmounts any disaster, who can get elected no matter what has happened to him. Think Richard M. Daley who was reelected mayor here with a 70-plus percentage despite unprecedented scandals. Last week, Giuliani topped the Republican field and beat any Democrat matched against him. If this popularity keeps up, they will nominate him. If nothing worse happens to him than has occurred up to now, he will win the presidency and be the second Catholic-albeit not in good standing-to serve.
And Dan Cury in today's Daily Herald,
"His secret weapon among Republicans is his utter fearlessness and devastating effectiveness in deconstructing liberal orthodoxy," said the strategist, Wheaton's Dan Curry.
There's a lot of deconstructing to be down with liberal orthodoxy. There's little liberal about it anymore.

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