Monday, March 12, 2007

Rep David Obie and the idiot liberals

Fascinating YouTube video of Rep David Obie (D Wisc 7th) calling a lobbyist from The Occupation Project an idiot liberal.

Michelle Malkin has a transcript posted too.

Obie posted an apology.

The sad thing thought is how both Obie and The Occupation Project folks view the end of the Vietnam War as an acceptable model for ending the this one. A willful disgregard for the post-war experience of the Vietnamese and Cambodians.

Here's from Cheney's speech at AIPAC,
The most common myth is that Iraq has nothing to do with the global war on terror. Opponents of our military action there have called Iraq a diversion from the real conflict, a distraction from the business of fighting and defeating bin Laden and the al Qaeda network. We hear this over and over again, not as an argument but as an assertion meant to close off argument.

Yet the critics conveniently disregard the words of bin Laden himself. The most serious issue today for the whole world, he has said, is this third world war that is raging in Iraq. He calls it a destiny between infidelity and Islam. He said the whole world is watching this war and that it will end in victory and glory or misery and humiliation. And in words directed at the American people, bin Laden declares, "The war is for you or for us to win. If we win it, it means your defeat and disgrace forever."

This leader of al Qaeda has referred to Baghdad as the capital of the Caliphate. He has also said, and I quote, "Success in Baghdad will be success for the United States. Failure in Iraq is the failure of the United States. Their defeat in Iraq will mean defeat in all their wars."

Obviously, the terrorists have no illusion about the importance of the struggle in Iraq. They have not called it a distraction or a diversion from their war against the United States. They know it is a central front in that war and it's where they've chosen to make a stand. Our Marines are fighting al Qaeda terrorists today in Anbar province. U.S. and Iraqi forces recently killed al Qaeda terrorists in Baghdad who were responsible for numerous car bomb attacks. Iraq's relevance to the war on terror simply could not be more plain.
Obie thinks we can end this war like Vietnam and let our Iraqi allies pay the price of surrender he's very sadly mistaken. Al Qaeda will keep on coming; further embolded by our retreat.

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