Saturday, March 24, 2007

Architecture and Morality: The President and his Land: Lessons from the Architect of the "Western White House" in Crawford

Corbusier talks with the his former Prof and the architect of Bush's ranch house.

From the comments.
The irony of our President, so hated by the lunatic left and the envirofreaks, having an enviromentally-friendly house vs. the carbon monster of the Gorecal of Doom is rich. You'll never hear a word about what the President has done in Crawford from the leftstream media.

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FrauBudgie said...

Heh! Have you noticed how the White House Press Corps just HATES Crawford ... no trendy little Starbucks, and they have to deal with Texas Heat in the summer.

Not as much fun as when Bill Clinton vacationed at Cape Cod.

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