Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Night Illinois Blog round up

The Beachwood Reporter on Dear Leader
"What we need right now is a leader," Michelle Obama says, citing Obama's eight years under the thumb of Emil Jones as leadership beyond that of anything - as Lynn Sweet points out - that, oh, Bill Richardson showed as U.S. Secretary of Energy, ambassador to the United Nations, a staffer on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 14 years in Congress, and governor of New Mexico.
Obama video at Rogers Park Bench.

Backyard Conservative on the economic realities of 1976. The year I started looking for that first real job too.

It's My Mind links a story on Chicago's Black Political Families.

A Todd Stroger blog!

Finally, a comment by Third Generation Chicago Native over at Rogers Park Rake on why Todd Stroger (sadly) will be a gift to Illinois bloggers.


Levois said...

Either Todd Stroger thinks he's doing a good thing by starting his blog or this is a joke. And I'm starting to think this is a joke. Or perhaps good satire I don't know.

Bill Baar said...

I think it's a joke. Todd Sroger a gift to bloggers.

Third Generation Chicago Native said...

I would not put anything past Todd Stroger or Lance Tyson. A joke maybe? But to watch Todd Stroger in action you would think he in the flesh is a joke.
OK, so Todd is keeping all the media employed and off of the trail of many other politicians in this town. Todd Stroger is the gift that keeps on giving, for better or worse.

Bill Baar said...

I was just looking at it again... geez, it would be weird if this really him and who knows... Cook County can be weird.

Beachwood Reporter links a Kass column. Maybe Stroger too easy a target and were showing we have balls of piglets overlooking the big kuana to poke fun at,

And the Let's Ridicule Todd Stroger Because He's Really Not Powerful Like Daley So It's Safe To Poke Him With Sharp Sticks news cycle.