Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rudy Giuliani watch

The Guardian
Back in Miami, Giuliani milks the crowd. He talks at length about Iraq and the challenges that America faces in the world. He appeals to Democrats and Republicans alike with a muscular optimism that will surely form the core message of any coming campaign. It is brave talk and it is honest talk. He even raises the prospect of American defeat in Iraq. 'We have to stop obsessing about Iraq. The day after we win in Iraq, or the day after we lose in Iraq, the war on terror will go on... We have been in wars before where we have lost battles of great significance. We lost the Vietnam War but we won the Cold War,' he says.

Then Giuliani starts to talk about fear. His audience listens patiently, but are most likely unaware that he is quoting the words of his father. As Harold Giuliani lay dying of cancer, Rudy asked if he was ever afraid in his life. His father replied with what would be his last words to his son: 'Always. Courage is being afraid but then doing what you have to do anyway.'

Now Giuliani is preaching those poignant words back to the audience of entranced executives. 'Because you have fear it does not make you a coward or a non-courageous person... We should be afraid, but the real question is what we do with that fear,' he tells them.
Kevin Rennie at Courant.Com,
The other candidates talk about social issues and seek to placate suspicious conservatives who've heard their sweet songs before. Giuliani showcases pelts on his belt. The most sumptuous comes from his 1999 battle with the Brooklyn Museum of Art. The museum, which enjoyed some public funding, booked an incendiary exhibit that featured a portrait of the Virgin Mary caparisoned in elephant dung and vulgar photos. Giuliani cut off the museum's public funds. That's something religious Republicans in South Carolina can understand. And who can forget Giuliani's rejection of a $10 million donation to a 9/11 fund from an Israeli-hating Saudi?
Richard Baehr in The American Thinker: The Chicago Tribune's Pre-emptive Strike on Rudy Giuliani
The New York Times never drew blood on him in 8 years as Mayor, and they tried pretty much every day. Andre Zajac's hit job in the Tribune won't faze Rudy either.

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