Friday, February 16, 2007

Marathon Pundit: Pelosi clueless on diplomacy

Marathon Pundit writes a post: Nancy Pelosi says President Bush lacks the authority to use force against Iran.

Guess that means we wait for Ahmadnejad to strike first; like Jimmy Carter did. Then maybe wait some more, like Jimmy Carter did; until Iran released the hostages for fear of Reagan's strike.

Maybe we'll be lucky and Ahmadnejad will attack Israel and leave us alone.

Thirty million Iranians want to be America's friends and handfull of Ahmadnejad's thugs prevent that, and instead Ahmadnejad threatens the world with nuclear strikes. All Pelosi can do is threaten President Bush. Can't she mention Iran Freedom and Support Act too at least?


Milton said...

A President needs authority go to war. This is not even worth discussing.

Bill Baar said...

Why is she even bringing up then Milt?