Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Austrialian: Howard launches attack on Barack Obama

Australia's John Howard on Obama. The Labour party says it's unprecedented interference in American politics but maybe Howard knows it's an unprecedented struggle in today's world.

What we do in Illinois reverberates all over the world.

HT Marathon Pundit.
The man who wants to be the first black US president has pledged to withdraw US troops from Iraq by March 2008, a timetable Mr Howard believes is dangerous.

"I think that would just encourage those who wanted completely to destabilise and destroy Iraq, and create chaos and victory for the terrorists to hang on and hope for (an) Obama victory," Mr Howard told the Nine Network.

"If I was running al-Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008, and pray, as many times as possible, for a victory not only for Obama, but also for the Democrats."

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