Monday, January 08, 2007

Ayham al-Samarie Ahim Alsammarae

From Wikpedia, for what it's worth... if true, puts a whole new light on him,
Al-Samarie was the highest Baathist official in North America; he held the rank of Branch member in the Baath Party. He was in charge of the Regional baath party command and National baath command in North America, as matter of fact, the former Iraqi Ambassador 'Mr. Nazar Hamodoun' was reporting to AlSamarie, also Saddam Nephew 'Fadel Alsafige' used to report to AlSamarie. AlSamarie attended school in Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois, he received his master degree and doctor (PhD) degree in electrical engineering,the government of Saddam Hussien paid all his tuition and expenses, and paid him a salary too, the records of Illinois institute of technology shows that, though he was a student, but he was the most senior, powerful Baath party member, he caused several students who disobeyed his orders, to be locked in Iraq, when they went to visit their family's.

Al-Samarie was fired and kicked out of the Baath Party by Saddam Hussien, not what Alsamari proclaimed to the public that he left the party on his own or because he believes in democracy and liberty. Al-Samarie fired and kicked out of the party due to the involvement of his brother in-law, and his uncle in baghdad, in a conspircy with Syrian baathist to take over the government in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

Given that anyone can write anything on Wikipedia, i would say that you should have more scrutiny when choosing what to copy and paste into your own blog. You are held accountable for what you post here, and as someone who takes it upon himself to "educate" the public, you should most certainly check the sources of your information.

With that said, Nezar Hamdoun was assigned as Iraq's Ambassador to the US in 1984 (, well after Mr. Alsammarae left the Baath Party (Alsammarae left the Baath Party in 1980). So it is not possible at all that Mr. Hamdoun was reporting to Alsammar. Further, if you look into IIT's records you will see that Alsammarae worked as a teacher's assistant while completing his PhD, hardly a move one would make if being given an extra salary by the Iraqi government (I called IIT this afternoon for verifcation of his employment, and you may do the same).

With so many holes in your argument, when would have to ask, what is it that you stand to gain by defaming this person? Is it not part of journalistic integrity to communicate legitimate and factual information? If you have no desire to post anything remotely factual, i suggest you rename your blog as the "mere whims of bill baar".

Bill Baar said...

أرسل لي رسالة الكترونية وعلينا أن يلتقوا ويتحدثوا. أريد أن أعرف قصته