Monday, December 11, 2006

Iraq Study Group and Ordering Civilians to serve in Iraq

The Iraq Study Group tells us,

With the situation in Iraq "grave and deteriorating," the United States must begin the process of shifting troops out of the country, members of a bipartisan panel said Wednesday. But at the same time, the group recommended, the Bush administration must make sure that it has sufficient civilian personnel in Iraq -- if necessary, by ordering some employees to serve there.

Well, I've made the Best qualified list for all sorts of Civilian Jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan and I never get selected. My latest status-tracking report on my applications above. The guy at the Army Corps of Engineers told me it's very competitive for jobs other then Engineers and they have no problem filling positions.

I made the Best Qualified list a few years ago from hundreds who applied for audit jobs with the Special Inspector General for Iraqi Reconstruction. It was something like 400 applications whittled down to twenty and then five selected. I made the list of twenty.

I feel like my contribution to the war effort is setting the bottom-of-the-barrel so low Uncle Sam doesn't have to reach that far. No idea where the ISG is coming from here.

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