Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rich Whitney and Daniel DeLeon

I belonged the Socialist Pary of Frank Zeidler back in College in the 1970s. I left, or sort of fell out of it, when I graduated in 1976.

Rich Whitney belonged to he much older -but still existing- Socialist Labor Party founded by Daniel DeLeon back in 1877 . The Socialist Party and IWW eclipsed the SLP in the first decade of the 20th century.

Yet it lingered on. It was a fixture on the new left in the 60s and 70s when elderly members and younger converts like Whitney would show up with copies of The People. The SLP's current National Secretary, Robert Bills, writes to Illinois Times of Whitney's eighteen year history with the SLP.
There are two types of lies: lies of commission and lies of omission. Green Party gubernatorial candidate Richard Whitney told little green lies of both types when Terry Martin of the Illinois Channel asked him two direct questions during a recently televised interview: “What is your history? What party have you identified with over your adult life?”

To these questions Whitney replied: “I’ve always been independent-minded. I’ve never been a member of the Democratic or Republican parties. . . . I actually have been a Green for over 10 years now, because I helped found . . . our local in 1996 . . . . I’ve been always very much involved in third-party kind of politics in trying to get us out of this stranglehold of the two party system.” (Watch the video at

Fact is that the 51-year-old candidate and 10-year veteran of the Green Party belonged to the Socialist Labor Party for 18 years, from 1975 until 1993. There’s nothing wrong with being a Socialist, at least I don’t think so. There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind about being a Socialist. However, there is something wrong about a candidate asking for your trust while concealing the truth when asked: “What is your history? What party have you identified with over your adult life?”

Green and yellow really do go together.

Robert Bills
National secretary
Socialist Labor Party of America
I've changed my mind on Socialism but I'm proud to have known Frank Zeidler and grateful for the brief time I spent with the SP. So I'm not Yellow about having been Red.

In fact, Bush's ownership society ideas seem awfully close to the pension fund socialism comrades like Whitney and I argued about back in the 1970s. So maybe I'm still one.

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Cal Skinner said...

Good catch. I'm linking to Whitney's press release post today.

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny that the Topinka camp has to go back 14 years to try to find something on Whitney. She must be really desperate to be relying on this old news. LOL

miltongoldblatt said...

Does anyone know did RW fill out the anti-communism affidavit on his elections petitions?

I hate to see, because the more votes for third part the better chance it has in the future.

RW, will still do better than Cal did.

A protest vote is a protest vote.

A protest voter will vote for Mickey mouse over the candidate of choice, and as the late Walt Disney said the League of Woman voters were are Marxists Commies. {When they supported unionizing of his Park and studio}

And some of Walt Disney’s cartoon creators were commies.

People are not voting for RW, they are voting against the establishment.

I pushed my voting machine and it had me voting for Repubicans when I voted for Democrat for Congress. But it let me vote for Blago.

Bill Baar said...

And some of Walt Disney’s cartoon creators were commies.

Disney's Dad was a chair of the Socialist Party in Illinios. I think it was one of the reason Disney said he was so conservative.