Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rich Miller on Judy Baar-Topinka, Illinois... and serious trouble ahead

Wish he had written this before the election,
Polls show voters never believed much that Rod Blagojevich ever said. But they do believe what they see and hear, and the Blagojevich campaign masterfully used Topinka’s own words against her. “I love you dearly,” she said to George Ryan at an emotional State Fair event in 2002. The now infamous video clip of her speech, along with the reportedly electronically altered sight of her bobbing her head up and down as Ryan spoke at the podium was replayed about a billion times on TV. The Blagojevich people have built almost their entire campaign around that clip, which makes the case for them that she was “George Ryan’s treasurer.”

The people who know Judy Baar Topinka know that almost all of the charges made by the Blagojevich campaign against her were baseless or just plain lies.
I’ve known Topinka for 16 years, and I don’t believe she has a corrupt bone in her body. She’s too cheap to be corrupt. And I know for a fact that she does whatever she can for military veterans.

But the voters could see and hear Topinka talking about her “love” for George Ryan or saying something off the wall about unnamed people who care about veterans — and, understandably, they didn’t like it.

For way too long we’ve been an electorate that focuses on out-of-context quotes or laps up gotcha games that deliberately distort meaning just because we can see or hear the so-called evidence for ourselves. If voters don’t start seeing through this blatantly dishonest, cynical manipulation by the professional hucksters (both in politics and in the media), we’re heading for serious trouble.

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Z said...

But, the same can be said on both sides. It wasn't just Rod slamming Judy, everyone is slamming everyone. There was that Judy commercial that had Rod all dumbfounded with some question. The tactics were the same for both sides.