Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Repudiation of Bush; and an affirmation of Lieberman

If voters repudiated Bush yesterday, they certainly gave Lieberman a resounding affirmation too.

There were sensible Democrats elected yesterday. Bruce Reed explains why.
Apart from a foolish summer fling with Ned Lamont and a late Laugh-In cameo from John Kerry, Democrats did just about everything right and ran their best campaign in a decade. Field marshals Rahm Emanuel and Chuck Schumer ignored the virtual industry of self-help nonsense that has paralyzed Democrats' chattering classes and went back to a simple, proven formula: From the suburbs to the heartland, elections are won in the center.
It's good for America if the Democrats can hang on too some of these new Representatives. I'm not betting on it and guessing on a return to the self-help nonsense.


Levois said...

I'd say Democrats need to keep some of these more moderate or conservative reps rather than turning their party to the left. This would be very smart.

Paul said...

If the Democrats move more towards rhe center they can accomplish some things now that they are in control of the congress, but if the left wing runs the show look out !

Bill Baar said...

Wall Street celebrated thinking divided government is a do nothing government; and that's good for business.

I'm guessing the broker's right, but whether that's good for people in this dangerous world I don't know.