Friday, November 17, 2006

Gen. Abazid to Sen. Clinton: ...despair is not a method

Wildwestjoker over at Donald Rumsfeld Fan Club,

I think people, particularly pontificating senators who grandstand in hearings, may eventually find that some generals have a tendency to say what they don't want to hear. Here everyone has assumed General Abizaid was told to shut up by Rumsfeld the General Hater, but here the Centcomm Commander hits the old girl right between the eyes with the equivalent of "Why don't you shut up?" in his testimony today:

Clinton: "Hope is not a method. We've had testimony now for four years about what 'must be done' -- and it doesn't get done."

Centcomm Commander: "I would also say that despair is not a method."

Perhaps this stupid canard that Rumsfeld defied his generals and refused (as opposed to being unable) to put more troops in the field will finally get clarified. There may have been a window shortly after the takedown when more forces could have been introduced, but to what end? Nobody will ever know just exactly how much the Abu Ghraib scandal, which was completely over and participants charged before it was ever reported, damaged our ability to be more aggressive because of the political nightmare that ensued. I think time will reveal that we have been doing just about as much as we dare while waiting for political control to solidify in Iraq. It hasn't been the lack of numbers we've suffered from, but the lack of determined aggression. It hasn't been politically tenable for us to be more aggressive with the
timing of Abu Ghraib.

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