Monday, October 16, 2006

Rasmussen poll on Gov race

It's out but I don't subscribe. They show JBT at 43% with the Gov at 49% and no idea where Whitney the Green is. This was Oct 12 with 500 LVs so maybe it's the Rezko effect.

Big swing from the Trib WGN poll.

Maybe it's time for Quinn to start talking about his plan for cleaning house as Governor to keep Democrats ahead.

Update: Rich had the Rasmussin poll covered here and there is some doubt if it was really taken pre-Rezko.

Footnote: Proviso Probe has a post on Blagojevich and Danny Davis at a meeting on the West Side. (Carl also covered it here at Austin Weekly News.)

Here's a quote from Carl's post. I think he's right and it shows what's become of the left. I can't imagine a Paul Douglas, a Paul Simon, or a Leon Despres agreeing with a thought like this. But it's true and I think reflects what's become of reform in Illinois. We get tricks, lies, and Pat Quinn's silence.
He [Blagojevich] cast himself as fighting for a progressive vision. He acknowledged that politics is sometimes dirty and dishonest. He told a story about how he tricked the "Pro Life" legislators on stem cell research. Blagojevich knew the anti-abortion crowd wanted to strip funding for stem cell research from the budget. Blagojevich gave the legislature the budget without enough time for the anti-abortion legislators to find where Blagojevich put the stem cell research money. When asked about the issue, Blagojevich proudly explained, "I told them the truth. I'm not saying [if there's stem cell research money or not]."

I thought this anecdote did a good job of making the case that if you want to make progress in politics sometimes you have to play dirty.

However, Blagojevich crossed into bs territory when he said that he wanted his legacy to be to build a progressive movement that would sustain itself beyond his gubernatorial campaign.
That's the progressive movement. It's no bs.

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Aakash said...

I was at that Real Clear Politics page the other day... This is good news for Judy's campaign.

Do you think that Topinka will be able to take this, or that Blago will still have enough votes to be re-elected?

Anonymous said...

I think that Rich Whitney is going to win this election--that's who I'm voting for!

Bill Baar said...

I don't know Aakash. But I think Whitney is going to have a big impact as a protest vote.