Tuesday, October 24, 2006

David Warren on Islamica's publication of responses to Benedict: We have relgions because journalism cannot tell us what we need to know.

David Warren's conclusion on Islamica's publication of an open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI by 38 leading Muslim Scholars and Leaders.
Islam is thus, in the words of 38 of its most qualified living exponents, not merely "a religion of peace", but more essentially a religion of love -- of love, from and for the one God we all worship; the one true Lord we know by His works, and who is Love in all His actions. For what is done in hatred cannot be done in God's name, and will always be false religion.

Now take this in. In a moment of increasing worldwide violence and tension, Pope Benedict XVI issued a call, echoing his predecessor John-Paul II, for a real dialogue between religions at the highest level of reason. And authoritative spiritual leaders of the Islamic umma responded favourably to this, and declared, in a fine, noble, and open spirit: "Let the dialogue begin!" This is news of very great significance. It should have been the top headline in every newspaper in the world.

But our media -- West and East -- report this, when at all, as some kind of sidebar on the terror war; as if the Muslim leaders had merely accepted an "apology" from the Pope for having hurt some Muslims' feelings.

This is why we have religions. Because journalism cannot tell us what we need to know.
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Monday, October 23, 2006

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you

A quote found in Barone's column today,
Now it appears that voters are willing to turn over Congress to a party most of whose representatives voted against allowing the National Security Agency to surveil without a court order al-Qaida suspects when they place calls to persons in the United States and against allowing terrorist interrogations under rules supported by John McCain.

We are weary, it seems, and ready to go back on holiday. Some things -- a nuclear attack on the United States, the successful release of a disease pathogen that could kill millions -- are just too horrifying to think about. But maybe we should think more about them. As Leon Trotsky is supposed to have said, "You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you."
Googling the quote lead me to this post by Neo Neo-Con. She and I have traveled almost exactly the same paths, and the internets played a big part.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cicero and Cops

I wonder why these stories don't generate outrage in the blogsphere. (Two hits on a google blog search on Cicero Cops Beat vs this on Weller Page).

It just goes unoticed. Maybe it's because most bloggers too geeky to feel at risk for getting caught in a circumstance like Mr Wilson's below.
In one incident in 2003, DeKiel is alleged to have broken a victim's nose after a traffic stop, and he and DiSantis beat the man at the police station, with DiSantis striking him with a handgun, the indictment says.

Peslak then allegedly planted cocaine on the man, the federal indictment states, and the man was falsely charged with possession of a controlled substance.

At the end of the incident the officers allegedly ordered the victim, Floyd Wilson, "to use the shirt [the victim] was wearing to clean up his own blood that had run onto the floor as a result of the injuries inflicted by defendants," the indictment says.
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Friday, October 20, 2006

Congressman Jerry Weller's character assassination

I never cared for Weller much. But Democrats have stooped so low now they'll make people proud to vote for him.

Rich Miller tells us,

What I am sure of is that some high-up Democrats have been pushing the heck out of this story and they ought to stop it or produce some real evidence.

And here is Kankakee's Daily Journal on it.

The bloggers are retracting but it would be nice if they told us the names of the National Democrats who pushed this story.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ayatollah Mohammad Kazemeini Boroujerdi's arrest

“…Tell the world that Boroujerdi did not fear death…. He defended an Islam which promotes love and kindness not the Islam that these lot advocate which has brought poverty, corruption, prostitution, addiction ….I don’t want you to risk your lives for me, I just want you to tell the world what happened here,.”

The video of his arrest here via PJ Media. The first part of the video is regime cleric asking Boroujerdi's supporters to disperse. The end is Boroujerdi's farwell and the above quote is a partial translation from it.

A little more about him and his arrest over at Open Democracy.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Rasmussen poll on Gov race

It's out but I don't subscribe. They show JBT at 43% with the Gov at 49% and no idea where Whitney the Green is. This was Oct 12 with 500 LVs so maybe it's the Rezko effect.

Big swing from the Trib WGN poll.

Maybe it's time for Quinn to start talking about his plan for cleaning house as Governor to keep Democrats ahead.

Update: Rich had the Rasmussin poll covered here and there is some doubt if it was really taken pre-Rezko.

Footnote: Proviso Probe has a post on Blagojevich and Danny Davis at a meeting on the West Side. (Carl also covered it here at Austin Weekly News.)

Here's a quote from Carl's post. I think he's right and it shows what's become of the left. I can't imagine a Paul Douglas, a Paul Simon, or a Leon Despres agreeing with a thought like this. But it's true and I think reflects what's become of reform in Illinois. We get tricks, lies, and Pat Quinn's silence.
He [Blagojevich] cast himself as fighting for a progressive vision. He acknowledged that politics is sometimes dirty and dishonest. He told a story about how he tricked the "Pro Life" legislators on stem cell research. Blagojevich knew the anti-abortion crowd wanted to strip funding for stem cell research from the budget. Blagojevich gave the legislature the budget without enough time for the anti-abortion legislators to find where Blagojevich put the stem cell research money. When asked about the issue, Blagojevich proudly explained, "I told them the truth. I'm not saying [if there's stem cell research money or not]."

I thought this anecdote did a good job of making the case that if you want to make progress in politics sometimes you have to play dirty.

However, Blagojevich crossed into bs territory when he said that he wanted his legacy to be to build a progressive movement that would sustain itself beyond his gubernatorial campaign.
That's the progressive movement. It's no bs.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The WGB Trib poll on the Illinois Gov's race

I can't find the poll but here's what the Trib says about it today online,
The survey showed Blagojevich with the support of 43 percent of the voters polled, while Topinka had 29 percent and Green Party candidate Rich Whitney had 9 percent. Another 17 percent were undecided, and 2 percent offered choices for governor not among the names appearing on the Nov. 7 ballot.

The poll, conducted Oct. 8 to Wednesday among 600 likely voters, has an error margin of 4 percentage points.

Blagojevich's 14 percentage point advantage over Topinka represents an incremental increase from the 12 percentage point lead he held in a Tribune poll conducted almost a month ago.
It was taken pre Rezko. Trib says this about JBT.
Nearly half of all voters surveyed have an unfavorable view of the Republican nominee--reflecting Blagojevich's TV attack ads, questions of whether she has the gravitas to be governor, and a failure to unify the disparate factions of the state GOP after a fractious March primary.

In the last month, the number of Illinois voters who have an unfavorable opinion of Topinka jumped to 49 percent from 40 percent.
She sure could do more with gravitas and unifying. I voted Gore-Lieberman because I feared Bush's self-deprecating humor; that it was completely misunderstood in translation by North Korea or Radical Islam.

Same thing goes for JBT's style in a state so racked by corruption and scandals as Illinois.

And there are ways to unify with social conservatives, even if you have moderate views on social issues.

Justice Scalia gave the principle when he said a Judge is no better equipped to render moral judgements than any other citizen. Aborting a fetus and defining what's a marriage belong on the ballot; not in courts. Hammer away with that principle and I think JBT could unify a bit.

She also should read The Party of Sam's Club: Isn't it time the Republicans did something for their voters? . The authors concluded,
So today's Republican party should be in favor of helping recent immigrants get ahead and slowing the flow of illegal labor--in favor of providing a helping hand to the hard working poor and cutting subsidies to the idle and shiftless--in favor of a tax policy that favors the working class and the productive rich. Above all, it should be in favor of limited government, and in favor of using government's considerable power to shore up the institution that makes a limited government possible--the beleaguered but resilient American family.[Baar's emphasis]
Family values can be a Radical thing. JBT could use them to effect. If it's not all too late.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

David Corn: He has a list of gay men....

The great outing via PJ Media,
David Corn has a copy of a “List” of purportedly gay GOP top congressional staff on the Hill, but won’t publish it.
And here is the first victim.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Confed Yank on driven to distraction

What a day... not too mention North Korea announcing a nuke test and "Pope Protesters" hijacking an airliner.

Iran: "separatists" arrested.

Confederate Yankee on today on a post over at Iran Focus,
Iranian security forces have recently arrested a network of “separatists” in the Iranian capital Tehran and the oil-rich south-western city of Abadan, state television reported.

The report said that the network was being supported and strengthened by the intelligence apparatuses of certain neighbouring states and a European country which it did not identify.
via PJ Media