Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Telegraph: Five years on, this war must intensify

First three paragraphs of a good editorial,
In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks on Washington and New York five years ago, The Sunday Telegraph published a leading article entitled "There is no third way". We stated that the West had only two choices: to appease the terrorists or to fight them.

That choice remains the only one available today. Contrary to what Peter Taylor suggests on this page, no negotiation is possible with al-Qaeda or the fanatical Islamist organisations affiliated to it. Their goal is to destroy liberal, tolerant, secular society in all its forms, and replace it with a rigid theocratic dictatorship that enforces a medieval interpretation of the most barbaric elements of Islamic law.

In the conflict between the terrorists who wish to impose their vision of a "just and righteous society" by force on the rest of us, there is nothing to talk about: they are not interested in compromise or negotiation, and there is no common ground between their vision of the future and ours. The terrorists themselves have stated their position clearly: "We are not," one of them has insisted, "trying to exact concessions from you. We are trying to eliminate you."

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