Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Johan Goldberg: Jihad Enablers

Jonah Goldberg on Jihad Enablers and Ratzinger's Regensberg Speech. Reminds me of when the Ford Foundation made the grants to Jeff Fort and the Blackstone Rangers in the late 60s.
The many learned disquisitions on the pope's speech notwithstanding, this isn't about theology either. After all, no serious person can take lectures on religious tolerance from the Muslim world very seriously. Spare me tales of Jewish accommodation in the 15th century. Today, throughout the Muslim world, Jew-hatred and Christian-bashing are commonplace, state-sanctioned and fashionable.

No, this is about us. The best book for illuminating what's going on in the Muslim "street" isn't some weighty treatise on Islam; it's a short little tract called "White Guilt" by Shelby Steele. The book isn't even about Islam. Steele focuses on white liberals and the black radicals who've been gaming them ever since the 1960s. Whites, he argues, have internalized their own demonization. Deep down they fear that maybe they are imperialistic, racist bastards, and they are desperate to prove otherwise. In America, black radicals figured this out a while ago and have been dunning liberal whites ever since.

The West is caught in a similarly dysfunctional cycle of extortion and intimidation with Islam, but on a grander and far more violent scale. Whether it's the pope's comments or some Danish cartoons, self-appointed spokesmen for the Islamic street say, "You have offended a billion Muslims," which really means, "There are so many of us, you should watch out." And if you didn't get the message, just look around for the burning embassies and murdered infidels. They're not hard to find.

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Anonymous said...

But Goldberg is an anti-Muslim racist. What he is saying is that the Left is too politically correct to be racist about Islam despite Islam being racist about Jews and Christians.

He's the real "Jihad Enabler" because there is NO "Jihad Movement" in Islam as such. Or rather, the groups that want a "jihad" are less powerful than those groups in Israel that want to solve the Palestinian problem by expelling all Palestinians from Palestine. Should we, on the basis of the writings of those groups, conclude that there is a Jewish "jihad" brewing against the Palestinians? Because that's what Goldberg (and you) are propsing we do with the Muslims.