Monday, September 04, 2006

Duckworth's ads against amnesty for illegal immigrants

Take a look at them. They're over at Soap Blox Chicago.

I'm a liberal on immigration. I was raised hearing immigrants are better Americans then those of us born here, because they chose the United States. So I choke up when I see non-citizens joining the service. I read Spanish surnames in CENTCOM's website and see our next generation of leaders.

I understand the illegal part of illegal immigration is a problem, and unpatrolled boarders threaten security. But basically I'm with Bush: grant amnesty and just call it a guest worker program.

These ads sure put Duckworth way to the right on the issue (if right and left have any meaning any more).

I sure don't like her image here.


Jeff Wegerson - SoapBlox/Chicago said...

Bill do you call it Soap Blog like the right calls it the Democrat Party, as a slur.

FYI it's Blox with an X.

Bill Baar said...

Sorry Jeff.. no slur intended..

Jeff Wegerson said...

Thanks. I know ArchPundit gets it wrong too.

Jeff Wegerson said...

Bill are you playing with me? It's SoapBlox with an l.

Soap B L O X.

See the L after the B. It's supposed to be a cute spelling. Blogs Blox. Get it?

Look I didn't invent the name, I stole it from the software maker. I was too lazy to make up my own name. All the other "Soap B L O X es" have unique names. MyLeftWing, BurntOrange, BlueJersey etc etc.

Bill Baar said...

no, not playing at all!

It's an old mans eyes!

Paul said...

So Bill if you favor amnesty to lawbreakers who come over the boarder in droves what other kinds of amnesty do you favor?

Bill Baar said...

I was ok when Ford gave amnesty to the draft dogers in Canada...

Nixon too, I guess... .now...not then.

Anonymous said...

How bout coming over to Elgin where I live and try and order a cheesburger at any McDonalds! You have to tell them at least 5 times and they still get it wrong. None of em speak English! My fathers parents came from Sweden legally and refused to speak Swedish in there home. They were Americans now and only spoke English. These Mexicans are very arrogant. My neighbor has been in this country 20 years, isn't a citizen and doesn't speak any english! And by the way, the United States is not a country of immigrants. Only 1 in 9 citizens is an immigrant. All the rest are natural born citizens.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Bush Backers;

Listen fellow Americans, I have become a brand new Republican and I will grant this all to the honor of Bush. I feel that he is one of the most misunderstood presidents of our time but he is damned smart and there will never be another like him. He has made historic strides the likes which has never been seen in his boldness and courage.

Felow Republicans, and I mean this; I am not a hater NOR am I a racist, but I must say this and I hope that you will understand.

Please. please do not take offense to what I am about to say because I mean well in every word. I mean well for the good and NEVER for harm. SO know that!

Unfortuantely, for the sake of our country and our strongly held values, We JUST cannot allow DUCKWORTH to be elected.This is truly going to be the beginning of the END in a very,very nefarious way for us all.

The problem with issues of immigration is an involved concern in the most complicated and most unseen and unknown of ways MUCH more than what you are simply reading or hearing. Many of you have already encountered (as I have witnessed in the West and Midwest mostly Caucasians) the burning resentment against the successes of America. We are hated because we are a nation of innovators and we are the best of our kind. We must stay true to this.

ALL of us, however, through experience and many of you are on your way for the experience of the worst racism and Nationalism that we will ever see in centuries to come for the history books. Mo JOKE. I am not the only one to see it.

We will not be invaded through weapons of Mass Destruction or even terrorism. The Murderers of 9/11 USED OUR PLANES and NOW we are being invaded through the clever guise of immigration woes and embellished unfairness. The illegals have thought long and hard about their plight and they are ready to use our own laws and are fooling our own liberals against us (starting with the ACLU). Remember. Our enemies will use our OWN resources to destroy us and they will DO it again.

We MUST be more vigilant about this matter because this is a greater call to urgency thant some of you may not be aware of.

We have to show and tell of our experiences regarding illegal immigrants and the anti-American legal immigrants who have taken our resources to this against us.

I strongly believe that if they would like to become Americans, THEY ABSOLUTELY MUST become go through the complete process (DNA, fingerprinting, classes, history of American) as all of us have. THEY MUST. We have told our OWN people (Americans) that there is NO free lunch here, This is not right!!!

We must stand together and fight hard because I will and I mean it. I was disgusted by Duckworth's sneaky goals and intentions.

We must LOSE the idea that we will get "free and cheap" illegal trade labor by the loads because there is a greater motive behind this all and if we do not follow the guidelines set forth by our leader (no matter how militarized they may sound) this will BACKFIRE. Simply set up unit systems where DNA, fingerprinting, photos, strict education of the values of our country, follow-up of American loyalty (the must be registered as voters and they must take all levels of the English Language. This will bring more more into our country to maintain protection and income.

This will create employment for the brightest and brilliant Americans and create positions for high school students of all racial types to exchange cultural differents and for the immigrants to also learn the ways of the American system. American High School students can work after school to teach and train specialized levels of conduct to improve immmigration reform.

Illegals and the Legals whoa re helping them create false dicuments of income levels and bank statements are owning apartment complexes and large estates in droves and they will push out America as we've known it.

Look at the pattern of all history and you will see that in the United States and in our buildings,businesses, and homes; illegals are are literally dismantling the very work that we have strived to make our country to be what it is today. We are a superior country in so many ways. There is no other country like it.

Sure we have racial tension now and racial divide in many, many areas, however, Tammy Duckworth has an agenda and it is brilliant(in a very negative way) and the plan is illegals to run this country (businesses, banks, REAL ESTATE in the next 40-50 years down the road.) Little by little is all that this will take to happen. It is called the Art of War. This is psychological and social war. America will no longer be recognised and I have seen this happen.

ALL of us will be the minority including Caucasians (and I am African-American).

Yes I have dignity, but we cannot allow DUCKWORTH or any virus of her ideas and other followers, to begin planting the seeds of taking over (even at this no matter how small because this is how invasions of any sort begin ) and this is NOT a far fetched idea.

If we do not stand for Bush's Immigration Reform and actively and truly make something happen; WE, as AMericans, will find ourselves infiltrated by a NEW AMerica. Other countries would NEVER allow Americans to attempt this sort of this manipulative take over of government and under handed theft. There will be NO money left for our future if we allow DUCKWORTH an inch because the rule will no longer become the exception.

We will lose If we allow illegals (who already deeply resent our current leadership across the board)and Anti-American legals to rule in our offices. We will pay dearly. They have already gathered forces and they will as illegals and legals stand together and you will have a hell of a problem.

It is simply better and cost effective in the long run to control the rioting with our fine National Guardsman than to fold in and sell out for money and fear because we will lose all that we have gathered as we already are which is because illegals have cost millions for illrgal. Do nto let DUCKWORTH in. It takes one person to destroy all that we have structured together.

We are so limited in as far as owning property in other countries and the regulations and ggravation faced by many ex-pats or those who desire to live overseas.

We are WAY too liberal on illegals and if we were to try and attempt to do so in another country, we'd have no rights, no dignity and we'd have all of our natural rights stripped to the point of blantant corruption and outright inhumane conditions.

We are one of the only countries around with prisons where the offender is recycled to build the community. We are a brilliant country, even the worst of our offenders have an education while serving time so that they are put to work to serve our communities.

"How bout coming over to Elgin where I live and try and order a cheesburger at any McDonalds! You have to tell them at least 5 times and they still get it wrong. None of em speak English! My fathers parents came from Sweden legally and refused to speak Swedish in there home. They were Americans now and only spoke English. These Mexicans are very arrogant. My neighbor has been in this country 20 years, isn't a citizen and doesn't speak any english! And by the way, the United States is not a country of immigrants. Only 1 in 9 citizens is an immigrant. All the rest are natural born citizens. "

How TRUE were the words of this commenter. And it will not stop there. Illegal and legals who disrespect our country and our language and values are, simply put, AWFUL in the health care system.

They have a true resentment for Caucasians (and how they feel about African Americans is VERY clear).

But this is not the time to be complacent, our health care system is facing perilous times because their (illegals and legals who are Anti-American) goal is to MAKE MONEY and they are patient and they are not spend thrifts.They will pool that money together and imvest it and before you know, entire generations of American CEOs and corporations will sink and are sinking as a result.

MANy of these illegal immigrants (and the legals who hate Americans and our values) are ANTI-AMERICANS and before we grant such citizenship, WE MUST make certain that we are to set more (or seriously enforce existing laws) stringent regulations and expectations.

I am not prejudices, because I have faced this myself and many of my comrades who are not of color are currently facing this Nationalism in abusive situations in the workplace and in the residences and banks where they exchange commerce.

However, true Americans have a great respect (however flawed) our system may be, but it is OUR system and This is OUR country and we cannot allow this infilitration of manipulative wording and campaign debates to not even for a kernel of a momentto ever be allowed.

DUCKWORTH will carry on with her demands and her unfair alloweance to actually LEGALIZE the theft of our hard earned values and the taxes that we have paid into our Social Security.

We cannot allow illegals to smugly take the money of the Americans who have worked all of their lives to give it to illegals for free. This is wrong and it is a bold disrepect to steal from the loyal citizens who have not only earned our money LEGALLY, but have stood by our with patriotic service and devotion.

If we are not careful, you will witnesss the greatest theft of AMerican generations to come and that cannot happen.

The immigrants ARE arrogant (not dignified) for the wrong reasons. As I mentioned before, many of the immigrants could care less for us an authentic American society. The line has to be drawn here and they must pay taxes and they cannot simply take over as they are planning to do.

Please WAKE UP America!! We Cannot let this happen. We have to stand together as we did on 9/11. Let us get back to a unifieds mind set because African Americans will be the least fish to fry in the pan, believe me when I say this.

African-Americans ARE not (and NEVER WERE) the threat of infiltration or competition or take over in American business nor will we ever be in a position to take over and we have been excellent in disposition about such, but not the illegals. PAy attention to the TRUE ISSUES.

African-Americans have had our share of horrific history and degradation, but WE are AMericans and we must be brought together for power and strength in numbers to stand together in the fight to prevent this illegal immigration overflow, crime and theft of tax payer money from occuring or we will end up with a new civil war in which we will self-destruct.

The African-Americans are MORE American than you will ever find than illegal immigrants. They are the first to run when there is a call for war (African-Americans rarely did this). We are the most patriotic and the most proud to pull in out weight to protect our country. and they are often heard speak.

MAKE ILLEGALS EARN THEIR WAY, PAY THEIR TAXES, LEARN THE LANGUAGE and teach them not to bring their hatred and prejudice and mistreatment for ANY Americans here. That goes for the (middle east) Indians and Nigirians who bring arrogant and racist abusive behaviors. This needs to be taught in citizenship class.

From the Irishman to the original settlers; to the Polish Americans and the list goes on. Look at the people power that Anerica has. We are a powerful nation and a very wealthy nation and we can afford to tighten the laws and across the board.

PAY attention to who is truly ON YOUR side. Bring us together and unite because MAny, MANY immigrants HATE our values and they hate all that AMerica stands for, many of them ONLY want the money.

Illegals do NOT care about the blood that built this country. We cannot let this happen. Please Let us pull our weight together. I am disabled and I will never be able to physically give to my country the way that I used to.

I was a very hard working Anerican. I never used the system or abused this system. I served as an American Red Cross Volunteer and would have done this twenty times over. I may have encountered the ugliness of racism, but I LOVE MY COUNTRY and no matter how disabled I am, I will stand to protect AMerican Interests as long as I am protected for doing so.

I Love my country but I cannot watch our country unravel to AMerican X. We have all worked too hard to allow oueselves to be invaded through very clever and liberal idealism (no insult against liberals, I respect your intent and your right to that intent) BUT we cannot alllow America to die blind folded for free labor. It isn't worth it.

We have the upper hand so let's not only play our hand in Vegas, we have got to play our hand all the way and Dammit, "Let's Roll". Let us stand together NOW because you can bet that I will. Bush has got OUR never-ending support on this issue!

Bush said that the illegals must learn ENGLISH!! If they are not even required to do that, they will become surgeons and bankers handling our lives bringing the worse and inhumane services from their own corrupt countries and they will make errors and they will blame YOU and I have seen it and we must fight against and fight smart. Illegal and legals must be trained the AMerican Way and that is it. Always more and never less.

Please listen to the clever manipulations DUckworth is using. She is only FOR illegal immigrants and does not value American interests as a whole. ALL Americans should profit and not only the ilegals (because this is also racist). They begin by taking over communities and they are anti-Americans at best.

This is the art of war and I may read as f I am wired for aound, but I mean it. We are going to lose our country in the biggest Sting ever!!

Remember, NOTHING is free! Immigrant under-employed labor is not going to save money or increase our money. In the long long they will tap out our state and local goverments. Believe me America, we will pay and we will end up being evicted and bought out by illegal immigrant families to stand together and build nations within their own empires and for their own and have been terribly prejudiced against Caucasians. Wake up, they are here for the money and nothng more.

I am PRO-Reform and Pro-Justice. I want my country back and we have got to take advantage of that fact at every turn.

Remember, The African-Americans are THE LEAST of your problems. Sure , half of us need help and so does every other human being. But we are not taking over and we are not only about the money, we respect our land and our country just as anyone else. We will stand with you if you will bring us aboard and we will fight against this new illegal immigrant invasion together.

THINK people. I was won over to become a Republican and I am damned proud of it. I may not be wealthy, but my loyalty and devotion stands as powerful than money. My loyalty and the loyalty of many other black conservatives, is priceless!!!

Justice is Justice. United , let's fight it!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Bush TOO! I am especially with Bush on immigrants leaning English as well. Immigrants should also leave their anti-American views where they are escaping from. If the illegals or ANY immigrants bring their racist values and divide this country any more; they may want to reconsider the guest worker program arrangements because we will not allow it. There is enough division and their hostility should be left where they are escaping from.

AND and I am With Bill BARR. Excellent POST! I DO NOT TRUST DUCKWORTH's Image or her goals. Her goals EXCLUDE American Citizens and they also disrespect American values. This country will suffer with politicians like Duckworth!!!