Friday, August 04, 2006

If only Mel Gibson had joined the Muslim Brotherhood or Hezbollah; then his critics would be Islamophobes

Nick Cohen in yesterday's London Evening Standard via Norman Geras,
I can't help but feel sorry for Mel Gibson. If only he had joined the Muslim Brotherhood or Hezbollah rather than an ultra-reactionary Catholic sect, his views on a world Jewish conspiracy would have done him no harm. Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah declared that it if Jews 'all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide,' yet Channel 4 News bends over backwards to make excuses for him. Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, has a constitution which might have been written by Adolph Hitler, yet the Foreign Office gives the Brotherhood public money and the allegedly "left-wing" Ken Livingstone hugs its spiritual leader.

You picked the wrong type of fascism, Mel. If only you'd been cannier, there would be pieces in the Independent denouncing your critics as Islamophobes.


Anonymous said...

These comments are to the point. Mel Gibson the 'drunk' abuses Jews... in other contexts it certainly would be Mel Gibson the 'racist' or 'Islamophobe'...

Anonymous said...

Then, do you not think the Jews started all the wars in the world ? At least, in that expression Mel Gibson has the point.