Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fellow Worker Eric Lee and the IWW: "You sound like every right wing bastard on the planet ...f # % k Israel!"

What would Fellow Worker Fred Thompson have said.

I think he would have been a bit more charitable on a disagreement in the One Big Union.

That's the way I remember him. Long ago, when my Dad first took me to the IWW hall on N. Lincoln across from the Biograph theatre in Chicago.

Eric Lee is a member of the IWW and writes about the response to the RSS reader picking up his thoughts on Hezballah's War on Israel, and then linking them to the IWW's site. Thoughts many FWs didn't want to read.

Read Eric Lee War, Wobs and the Web
A controversy erupted a few days ago involving myself and some fellow members of the IWW and as I think back on it, I think that there are some issues here which relate to the new communications technologies -- and to what it means to be a Wobbly. We are living in a new era, one in which cutting-edge technologies are quickly adopted (often a good thing) but we are sometimes slow to understand their ramifications.

Here's what happened: Somewhere buried deep in the massive IWW website was a page which included RSS feeds, among them a feed of links to entries on my personal website. For those who aren't up to speed with terms like "RSS feeds", this simply means that my personal website has a file listing the recent material I posted, and the IWW webmaster had cleverly found a way to read that list and publish it to the Wobbly site.

The rest here.
So much for the Fellow in Fellow Worker.

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