Friday, August 18, 2006

Esther in Iran: ghosts, drownings, and the next war

From Esther blogging in Iran,
9 PM Monday night: Iranian tv calls for Iranians to go to the streets to celebrate Hezbollah’s victory. The call and response of Allah Akbar (God is great) begin. There are about 50 people out in our neighborhood. A few people light fireworks, by 9:15 our neighborhood is silent except for sporadic victory honking throughout the evening.

“I am afraid there will be attacks on foreigners,” my friend says. We are standing on her balcony where we can see a huge part of Tehran.

“You’re probably in more danger in London than here,” I respond.

“Things can change so quickly.”

“We both know Elizabeth who was here all during the revolution – she said that no one ever bothered her.”

“That is because the enemy was internal. This time the enemy is the West, and we are westerners.”

“Look, the government has approved a celebration for Hezbollah tonight, and there are only about 50 people in our neighborhood out and there just a couple of fireworks. This is an opportunity to celebrate: it’s sanctioned, and in Tehran very few people are taking that opportunity.”

“It does not take many people to cause big problems.”

“You’re right.”

I dream of ghosts, drownings, and the next war.

8 AM Tuesday morning: We wake up to highways lined with banners of Nasrallah. Thousands of banners. Tehran is really quiet. Really quiet.

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