Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ayatollah Jannati's Friday Sermon

From his Friday sermon as translated by MEMRI,
"God is using one of Ali's descendents [Nasrallah] to confront the spiritual and physical descendents of Marhab of Khaybar [the Jews]. God is reviving the memories of early Islam - the memories of the conflict between Ali and the Jews of [the battles] of Khaybar and Khandaq. On one side stood Ali with a small number of Muslims, and on the other side stood the strong, rich, vain, and arrogant Jews. Ultimately, the sword of Ali did what had to be done, and he humiliated the people of Khaybar and the vain and arrogant Jews. Today, this descendent of Ali stands in the same position, and so do the descendents of Marhab of Khaybar, the Jews of Khaybar and Khandaq."
Worrisome stuff to hear when Bernard Lewis is warning us of this as is the Arab press.

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Winston said...

he's cancer and he is gonna die soon!