Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Silence of the Liberal Blogosphere

Jennifer Siegel writing in The Forward on the silence of leftish bloggers,
Bloggers — as the feisty class of Internet pundits are known — love to paint themselves as free-speech warriors who bravely tackle the hard truths that mainstream media outlets either ignore or distort. But as the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah raged on and conventional media outlets covered the news from the ground, major players in the liberal blogosphere were keeping, by their own admission, decidedly quiet.
Go to Israel thought and it's not so hard to sort things out. Israeli Peace Activist Ada Aharoni ,who led a movement to pull Israel out of Lebanon; said,
``We are all for it," Aharoni said of herself and her like-minded friends. ``We are liberating our northern frontier, and we are liberating the Lebanese from the extremists and the Iranians who control them. I think it had to be done."

``I always think speaking together and negotiating is much better than any military action, and even now we should be talking," she said. ``But they started this. They didn't try to talk. It's a situation where you either defend yourself or you're dead."
When faced with defend or be dead, it's easier for a Liberal Peace Activist to see clearly. I fear her American counterparts want to wait for a moment when the United States is faced with defend or be dead.

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