Monday, July 31, 2006

Mounir Herzallah: Jews lose either way

Translation by PJ Media of a letter to Der Tagesspiegel,
Dr. Herzallah reports on how Hezbollah-terrorists came to his town, dug a munitions depot and then built a school and a residence directly over it. He writes: “Laughing, a local sheikh explained to me that the Jews lose either way: either because the rockets are fired at them or because, if they attack munitions depot, they are condemned by world public opinion on account of the dead civilians.” Hezbollah, he says, uses the civilian population “as a human shield and then when they are dead as propaganda.”


Anonymous said...

Guys, this is fake propaganda story. Dr. Herzallah does not exist in germanys phonebooks nor does Google list anything else then this fake letter if searched for his name. If that guy really is a 'Dr.' then he must have published at least one work. Any reference, if not the work itself, must be found with google.

Also Dr. Herzallah speaks brilliant german, better than 3/4 of all germans, but lived in a small village in south-libanon till 2002?

Also he wants us to believe that hizbollah publicy builds those bunkers with schools on it and lokal "sheiks" are boasting off the dirty strategy but neither the UN-watchers there nor Amnesty nor the Mossad ever heard about that??

come on...

Bill Baar said...

here's the email address for Tagesspiegle,

Write them and ask. If he's an MD, that he would speak German and English brillantly is not a surprise.

Plenty of Docs haven't published anything.

Google around about the green helmet guy at the scene. The more you study it, the stranger it seems.