Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Lebanese Bloggers: Protests and Traitors

A Peace Demonstratoin in front of the White House,
The Lebanese Bloggers: Protests and Traitors: "A Lebanese woman was holding a banner that read, 'Nasrallah shut up and listen to Seniora!' Many people passing by her gave her weird looks, until one person had the audacity to snatch the banner from her and rip it up! It's saddening, but it did happen.

I chatted with Lebanese friends on the side of the protest. We were talking about how many of those who support the disarmament of Hizbullah have been put in a difficult situation. If Hizbullah is criticized, then automatically it's assumed that you're supportive of Israeli aggression, which is not true. The death toll in 7 days has reached close to 250, most of whom are civilians. Who can excuse such a painful reality?"

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