Sunday, July 30, 2006

Jan Schakowsky, Comrade Lysenko, and Proletarian Science

Ann finds Congresswoman Schakowsky advancing Proletarian Science,
The proletariat cannot postpone socialist reconstruction until the time when its new scientists, many of whom are still running about in short trousers, will test and clean all the instruments and all the channels of knowledge. The proletariat rejects what is clearly unnecessary, false and reactionary, and in the various fields of its reconstruction makes use of the methods and conclusions of present-day science, taking them necessarily with the percentage of reactionary class-alloy which is contained in them. The practical result will justify itself generally and on the whole, because such a use when controlled by a socialist goal will gradually manage and select the methods and conclusions of the theory. And by that time there will have grown up scientists who are educated under the new conditions.
Glad Ann found Schakowsky on the record,

I'm very concerned that this is being used in a way to discredit the whole notion that our country and the rest of the industrialized and developing world ought to do anything about global warming;

sorting out the reactionary class-alloy in the Global Warming debate until Academia can edcuate the new scientists.

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