Saturday, July 15, 2006

And not all Persians support it

Winston's statement of solidarity with Israel.


Winston said...

Thnx for the quote my friend!

I am so happy that the entire world's attention is diverted on the nature of the Iranian regime. Mullahs wanted to divert attention from their nukes but it backfired and I am so happy that world is talkking about their involvement in recent tensions.

Friend of Israel said...

Israel's actions here are just plain stupid. If they couldn't destroy Hezbollah when they occupied south Lebanon for 18 years, they won't be able to do it now. Also, attacking civilian infrastructure targets hurts the best chance the Arab world has of a real, stable diverse democracy in Lebanon (it likely could have served as an example for the people in Iraq).

A rational Israeli plan would have been to give the central government of Lebanon military and development aid so that the central government is strong enough to rein in Hezbollah, which it currently cannot do.

It's too bad the current leadership doesn't have the wise leadership[ of Ariel Sharon, as he would have been smarter than resorting to attacking civilian targets.