Monday, July 24, 2006

Amal Saad Ghorayeb on Hizbollah's War Aims

Note it's a war aim against the Unites States and its Arab allies.
Most of all, though, Hezbollah hopes to set a new precedent in the Arab world, as its leader Hasan Nasrallah revealed in his latest televised speech: He characterised his movement as a “spearhead of the (Islamic) umma” and declared the conflict as “surpassing Lebanon ... it is the conflict of the umma,” whose success or failure will reverberate in the entire region. In other words, Hezbollah is to serve as an inspiration, as an exemplar of bold action against Israel and, by extension, against Arab regimes that have allied themselves with the United States and Israel.

With so much at stake, it is likely that Hezbollah foresaw Israel’s overreaction and laid out contingency plans. Its daily displays of its long-range missiles are more than empty exercises in psychological warfare. Echoing in my mind are the words of a Hezbollah official. He told me that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s ongoing anti-Zionism, along with Iranian supreme religious leader Ali Khamenei’s affirmation that Hezbollah will never disarm, has given the movement confidence that it can “fight for months.”

Hezbollah is launching missiles deeper into Israeli territory than it ever has before. It is bringing the war to Israelis’ doorsteps in the hope that they will pressure their government to call for an unconditional cease-fire. And it wants to demoralise the Israeli army, one Hezbollah official told me.

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Robert Drazen said...

Amal, Hezbollah is no inspiration to secular Arabs, Jews, Christians or Pershians. Hezbollah is responsible for all the death and destruction in Lebanon. They have no regard for Lebanese lives. They have no regard for a peaceful Middle East.

Israel did not start this conflict. How would you expect Israel or any sovereign nation to respond when the Hezbollah and Iranian leaders call for Israel's destruction.

Amal, if you love your adopted homeland, why do you not speak out again Hezbollah's actions. Regardless of the statistics that you profess to, you know in your heart that the majority of Lebanese people want to live in peace. You know in your heart that Hezbollah doesn't care about the people of Lebanon. All they care about is the destruction of Israel and spreading their militant ideology. And if Lebanese lives are lost . . . oh well.