Monday, July 31, 2006

'Abd Al-Muhsin Al-'Obikan: Do Not Cast Yourselves into Perdition by Your Own Hands,

'Abd Al-Muhsin Al-'Obikan writes the case for keeping clergy out of politics.
"If we respond to the hasty, emotional, and imprudent calls, we will never succeed, and we will never attain our objectives. Proof of this is Hizbullah's action in Lebanon, when it independently took the decision to [wage] war, without this decision coming from the natural source [i.e. the Lebanese government], without agreement regarding the declaration of war against the Jews, and without concern for the [relevant] interests. The capturing of the two Jewish soldiers - which [Hizbullah] thought of as gain - has [actually] led to disaster and to obvious loss.

"What [we] got in exchange [for the capture] of the Jews [was this]: One of our countries has been entirely destroyed; there have been severe damage to [its] infrastructure, expulsion and starvation of its inhabitants, the killing of many of [its inhabitants], the weakening of the strength of the Muslims, the breaking of their unified position, and division in their ranks…"

"My Advice to My Muslim Brothers is to Leave Fateful Decisions... to the Nation's Leaders and Rulers"

"It is regrettable that ordinary people, who do not know and do not understand, have begun to interfere in important matters such as these, which is the [sole] prerogative of the rulers and commanders. As the religious scholars have instructed, [the decision to wage] war lies in the hands of the ruler... My advice to my Muslim brothers is to leave the decisions regarding the fate of the nation, and [regarding] war and peace, to the nation's leaders and rulers, who consult with knowledgeable ulema and with people known for their wise counsel, in order to decide what is best."

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