Thursday, June 15, 2006

Will Spotts: I never dreamt my church would be leading the way.

Will Spotts blogging on the Presbyterian Church USA's General Assembly. Presbyterians aren't alone. Our Gov can't seem to find it within himself to condem it either.
...the PC(USA) has pursued a course of demonization of Israel for many years - read, for example, the reporting of the Presbyterian News Service, or the statements of our mission partners, or the false history advanced by the ACSWP's highly researched report on the Middle East. The singling out of Israel as a target of Presbyterian ire over human rights abuses while ignoring China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, or even the Palestinian Authority illustrates an absurd double standard. The endorsement of the use of deicide imagery by our partners in the region is something no church should do. The meetings with Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas arranged by officials in the PC(USA) are logical outgrowths of this process.

I see this as progressive: each action and statement builds on all the previous ones. In each case they get more extreme. A trend emerges in which people making appalling statements tend to cite one another as evidence for their own cases . . . reinforcing the same ideas. You ask why I focused on divestment? I thought I would not see in my lifetime the kind of anti-Jewish language and unfair action that surround this initiative become acceptable in America. I never dreamt my church would be leading the way.

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