Monday, June 26, 2006

Russian responses to terror

Olivier Guitta recalls earlier Russian responses to terror attacks.

For example, in September 1985 when four Russian diplomats were kidnapped in Beirut by Hezbollah, the then USSR responded in kind by first abducting a family member of an Hezbollah leader and then killing him very very gruesomely. The hostages were given back right away and Russia was never targeted in Lebanon again.

Will Russia do the same today?
I remember this well as I was working for DoD in those years and traveling overseas. Casper Weinberger had given us our rules of conduct if take hostage. He called it survival with dignity. Now it's called survive with honor. An AID auditor who was held hostage in Iran and gave us our training told me you forget about your honor real fast.

Anyways, as I recall, the Russians sent the family member's head back to the Hezbollah leader and our fellow Russian Military auditors worried less about terrorism then we did.

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