Thursday, June 01, 2006

Roos: Mass Arrest of Student Activists

From Roos,
Arrest of a large number of student activists and crackdown of students' and their affiliated organizations is a new scenario fully that is implemented by Iran’s paramilitary circles inside the universities, and by security and intelligence forces outside them. Based on recent reports, Peyman Piran, Farid Hashemi, Pouria Nematollahi, Yashar Ghader, Arash Gholizadeh, Farzad Khojastenia, Houman Kazemian, Omid Abbasgholizadeh and Abed Tavanche are among the students who were arrested in front of Tehran University and transferred to unspecified detention centers by security agents on Saturday.
The turn of events during the last few weeks has completely changed the political terrain of Iran. While last year the head of Iran’s judiciary branch of government promised to free all imprisoned students, today the number of students behind bars, or those that have been banned from attending classes or even completely denied schooling has already risen several fold. And this despite the students’ initial pleas to government officials requesting them to attend to student grievances and requests relating to education issues.

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