Sunday, June 18, 2006

Presbyterian Woolsey speaks to his Church on divestment

vis PJ Media over here.
"We have, I'm afraid, moved into a posture…that, unless what we did two years ago is rejected, we are clearly on the side of theocratic, totalitarian, anti-Semitic, genocidal beliefs, and nothing less," Woolsey declared.
The region lost its best shot at peace in 2000, he said, when then-Israeli Prime Minister Elahud Barak offered Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat a 95-percent withdrawal from the West Bank and $30 billion in compensation.

Woolsey said the proposal was "an extra generous offer, and Arafat turned it down without making a counteroffer, and went back to murdering Israeli women and children in pizza parlors. And yet our church decided to throw its moral lot with the Palestinians."
Looks like PCUSA will back off from the 2004 resolution.

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