Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No pass for Governor Blagojevich on anti semitism in his administration

People of Illinois aren't going to forget this Governor Blagojevich. HT to Rich Miller.
The Jewish Political Alliance of Illinois (JPAI) today submitted 4700 signatures to Governor Rod. R. Blagojevich imploring the Governor to remove Claudette Marie Mohammed from the state Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes. All the signatures were gathered this past Sunday at the Greater Chicago Jewish Festival.

Mohammed refuses to repudiate vile comments that Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan spews regarding Jews, homosexuals, Arabs, Asians and many other segments of society. Mohammed says she “respects those who practice the true tenets of their faith” which is coded, hateful language toward so-called “false” Jews who Farrakhan, and Mohammed implicitly, believe, among other things, “are a synagogue of Satan.” Furthermore, Mohammed refers to Farrakhan’s comments as “alleged” anti-semitism.

“We collected the signatures to remind Governor Blagojevich that he will not get a free pass on this issue,” says Howard Handler, chairman of the Jewish Political Alliance of Illinois. “Governor Blagojevich appointed a hateful, anti-semite to a commission designed to eradicate hate; this is analogous to appointing a member of the Ku Klux Klan.” Handler concluded, “a significant portion of the Jewish community is disgusted with Blagojevich and is clear he will suffer politically in November.”

The petitions were dropped off this morning at Governor Blagojevich’s Chicago campaign office at 1200 North Ashland, Suite 500. The Jewish Political Alliance of Illinois is a registered political organization which aims to further empower the Illinois Jewish community by participation in the political process; further information can be found at www.jpai.us. Further information on the Greater Chicago Jewish Festival can be found at www.jewishfestival.org; JPAI is not affiliated with the festival.
Look here, here, and here for samples of what we're getting in Illinois.


Anonymous said...

This issue doesn't seem like its going to go away before the elections -- Rod made a huge error in judgement. Whether or not that error is fatal or not remains to be seen.

Bill Baar said...

It's a strange error... asking her to resign a no brainer... so it really makes one wonder what's going on behind the scenes here. Rich Miller has dug around a bit on earlier posts.