Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Eric Lee: Workers of the world - you have nothing to lose but your ZIP codes

It's amazing how the left in the US has given up on internationalism. Eric Lee finds some examples,
Workers of the world -- okay, it's too much to ask for you to unite. But at least try to understand that there are some workers who do not live in your country. If that sounds like it's a little bit harsh, maybe you haven't visited some union websites lately. Here are a three examples, all taken from the USA:

* Wal-Mart is the world's number one anti-union employer, with around 1.7 million employees. One third of its stores are currently located outside the USA, with that number rapidly expanding. Unions have correctly thrown massive resources at global campaigns targetting the company. At the center of one of those efforts is the wonderful Wal-Mart Watch website. At the very top of every page, it (correctly) reminds visitors that they can "Receive updates and local alerts on how you can take action against Wal-Mart" -- asking them for their email addresses. And ZIP codes. But people outside of the USA don't have ZIP codes. (There's no indication on the site that putting in your ZIP code is optional, which it is.)
Check his link for the other two. Also, if tade unions didn't face such dismal prospects in Mexico, maybe this whole immigration debate would take on a different aspect to it. Again, via Eric Lee.

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