Thursday, June 01, 2006

Creating a “Terrorizing” Atmosphere

Roos is filled with interesting (but sad) stories today. Hamid Ahadi writes Creating a “Terrorizing” Atmosphere.
On Sunday, some 80 individuals that included cultural activists and journalists from Azerbaijan who had gathered in Tehran’s Baharestan square to meet Majlis (Parliament) representatives about the recent events in the Azeri provinces, were all arrested.

A Rooz reporter lists the following among those arrested: Heidar Shadi, Yurosh (ayat) Mehrali Begloo, Frank Farshbaf (student at Teacher Training University), Ramin Sedighi, Sadreddin Mousavi, Zohreh Mazlumi, Hajar Soltani, Mohammad Ahmadi, Morteza Naderi, Ali Noor Mohammadi, Akbar Hosseinzadeh, Seyed-Rasool Samii-Nejad, Ahmad Mohajeri, Tanalnaz Nemati, Soraya Bakhshi, Reza Babai (student at Beheshti University), Mohammad-Bagher Jaafari (student at Beheshti University), Gahreman Khodabandeh (student at Beheshti University), Abbas Bee-Oghloo, Amir Moghim, Hajar Karimi Nejad, Zeinal Al-Oghloo.
This on the protests. And this on Mansour Osanloo. Pictured above along with his union's logo.
Osanloo was an activist of the Bus drivers Sherkate Vahed syndicate of Iran who was arrested in late January of 2006 in connection with his syndicate activities, along with other activists. All others were subsequently released, except Osanloo. Recently the student committee of a local human rights organization said that Osanloo had suffered serious stomach bleeding caused by pressure but he is still being denied proper medical care at a hospital.

His complainant is Tehran’s prosecutor who despite domestic and international pressure continues to deny a bail for his release.

When the drivers syndicate was formed, Osanloo is on record to have written that they were after peaceful and civil work to attain their professional rights, rejecting any form of violence for their goals. “All we ask is that officials change their pay check for one month with us, workers, and see if they can sustain their life with our pays. If they can, then we would not even need a syndicate,” he has said (see Hanouz webblog).

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