Monday, June 12, 2006

Ayatollah Hussein Khomeini's interview with Al-Arabiyya

I liked his grandpa until the hostage business. I thought Carter and Brezinski were sticking with an obvious loser in the Shah. Sort of the same way Wilson in 1919, and then FDR in 1945 all over again, turned their backs on Ho Chi Minh.

From Al-Arabiyya thanks to MEMRI's translation,
Ayatollah Hussein Khomeini told Al-Arabiyya: "Iran will gain [real] power if freedom and democracy develop there. Strength will not be obtained through weapons and the bomb..."

Khomeini also objected to the principle of "[the rule of] the jurisprudent" [velayat-e faqih]. He added: "At the time of the [Islamic] revolution, establishing 'the rule of the jurisprudent' was not one of its main principles. Moreover - and I witnessed this [myself] - [the revolution] called for freedom and democracy. But this changed [in light of] the religious view that prevailed in the religious committees and seminaries.
My grandfather's revolution has devoured its children and has strayed from its course. I lived through the revolution, and it called for freedom and democracy - but it persecuted its leaders. For example [Ayatollah Mahmoud] Taleqani, who was frequently imprisoned in the days of the Shah, and after the revolution was harshly persecuted by [the regime] for denouncing violations of the law. He consequently [had to] go into hiding, while grieving and protesting. He protested against the establishment of the revolutionary committees that ruled in an arbitrary and disorganized [manner], and against the persecution of his family...
The Al-Arabiyya website stated: "As for his call to American President George Bush to come and occupy Iran, Hussein Khomeini explained that 'freedom must come to Iran in any possible way, whether through internal or external developments. If you were a prisoner, what would you do? I want someone to break the prison [doors open]...'"

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