Sunday, May 28, 2006

Suicide attacks on the US and UK

Look at the pictures. This is a declaration of war.


Winston said...

It is indeed a war

romablog said...

In 1988 the US Warship Vincennes deliberately shot down an Iranian civilian air liner legitimately travelling in an air traffic corridor and killed the 290 passangers aboard the plane.

You're right. When concerning the topic of Iran, a terrorist war has been declared. Iran, though, is just beginning to response.

Bill Baar said...

I remember it well.

I was an auditor working overseas a few years early. Three auditors with USAID were on a flt hijacked to Teheran. The Iranian authorities cooperated with the hijackers. The auditors had their Certified Internal Auditor Assoc membership cards with them.... The hijackers mistook those for CIA and tortured the three before shooting two of them in the back of their heads.

I spoke with the third later as part of a training class on how to conduct yourself if taken hostage.

SecDef Weinberger had said the polciy was survival with dignity if held hostage, but Charlie (the survivor) told me you forgot about your dignity real fast in this situaion.

The War's been going on since Carter and the Embassy hostage taking... we just haven't realized it until now.