Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Strata-Sphere: Bre’r Rabbit Briar Patch CIA Move

Strata-Sphere concludes,
Look at that list folks and understand there are even more that are not well known or advertised. Goss is out because he established the proper relationship with DNI agreed upon years ago when this started. The news media never detects this kind of strategy because it takes years to implement and the media has the attention span of a gnat. That’s why they cannot fathom what is going on. But for those of us who do know, it is truly stunning.

No one has left as large an imprint as George Bush has on the Government of the United States since FDR and WW II. The media’s BDS blinds them to this amazing accomplishment. But it is for real.
And a commenter adds,
I would say to have a look at Harry S. Truman when his approval ratings were in the 20% range. He was creating the CIA, NSA, and Joint Chiefs of Staff while the left was complaining that he was building a police state while body bags were flowing back from Korea. Truman’s work won the cold war decades after Harry was gone.

Bush is basically re-organizing and modernizing the infrastructure that Truman built to reflect the modern reality and I have a hunch Bush will go down as the US President that saved Western civilization. That might take decades of hard work to come to pass, though.

Not to take anything away from FDR, but I would say since Truman, not since FDR.
Not to mention adding Roberts and Alito to the court.

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