Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rockford's Stanley Campbell to Iran: "I apologize for my government."

Why does the Religous Left in America get such a thrill from Tyrants? Here's what Rockford's Stanley Campbell is quoted saying in Iran per Peace Noodles at SoapBlog Chicago during his visit to Iran as a Peace Activist: I apologize for my government.

Do a search at the Soap on Jon Burge and it will come up blanks save my post today. Something's gone badly wrong with the left in Illinois and the US that they can be so indifferent to injustice in our own backyard and feel a need to travel to Iran and say sorry.

All in all it is difficult not to feel that pacifism, as it appears among a section of the intelligentsia, is secretly inspired by an admiration for power and successful cruelty.
--George Orwell

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