Friday, May 05, 2006

Religion Within the Limits of Reason: Lafif Lakhdar

Middle East Media Research interviews Lafif Lakhdar.
Yigal Carmon, head of the Washington-based MEMRI Institute, which studies the Middle East media – the institute has translated and published several of Lakhdar's articles – likens him to Spinoza, who like him was persecuted and ostracized because he insisted on grounding his thought, including his critique of religion, on reason.

"If we were living in a normal world, the entire international Left would acclaim him," Carmon says. "He is an amazing person, deeply immersed in Arabic and French culture, an intellectual with broad, diverse and up-to-date knowledge, not only in philosophy, Islam and history, but also in psychology, and he is thoroughly humane. The French, or the Europeans in general, who are coping with problems of immigration, should have placed him at the head of an advisory council on integration, where he could explain, educate and serve as a role model."...
I don't know if the world ever normal but today's left certainly has gone aberrant.

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