Monday, May 15, 2006

Presbyterian’s Divestment from Israel Resolution

Larry Rued writes about efforts to rescind the Presbyterian's divestment resolution. This letter is especially interesting and should be forwarded to any Presybterian friends.
The Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) General Assembly (GA) will be meeting June 15-22, 2006. One of the many contentious issues that will be debated at this General Assembly is the Israel Divestment Resolution approved at the 2004 GA. As a PCUSA elder, I would like to commend some excellent websites on the Presbyterian Divestment topic.

1. In 2004/2005 I managed a petition calling upon the PCUSA GA to return in a special session to rescind the divestment resolution. More than 2,200 PCUSA members, elders, and ministers signed the petition. You may find the comments left by these Presbyterians helpful in any commentary you may write.

2. Presbyterian elder, Will Spotts, has created the Bearing Witness website. I particularly commend his compelling and comprehensive analysis, Pride and Prejudice: The Presbyterian Divestment Story . Elder Spotts also wrote an insightful commentary on anti-semitism, If it Walks Like a Duck...

3. A coalition of Presbyterian elders and ministers created “The Committee to End Divestment Now” I commend their indepth and complete analysis of PCUSA divestment issues.

4. The American Interfaith Institute’s Faiths for Fairness project provides additional information. I particularly commend your attention to the letter listing the biased actions of the PCUSA church leaders.

In the ensuing days I will forward relevant news regarding the Presbyterian’s Divestment from Israel Resolution.

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