Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Knickerbocker News: So you say you want a revolution...

Rosemary says,
Iran is heating up to the boiling point. The only question is, will the western world recongnize this as their opportunity to help these students, laborors, and women's rights groups in their time of need?
....there are other pressures that may be applied after diplomacy fails besides war. This is a good thing. What we need to do is put pressure on the White House to instruct Voice of America in Iran to take on the regime. They need to speak openly about democracy and the means to achieve it. Otherwise, why are we paying it?

We should also pressure our own government to help these students. They need more than words. They can instruct groups such as Human Rights Watch, Women's Rights, and labor groups, along with students in America as to the situation in Iran. They need to know about the riots. We were successful in the Ukraine, we were successful in Lebanon-sort of, and we can be successful in Iran without firing one shot. It is all up to you.

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