Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jackson Diehl: Reclaiming the Democratic Agenda

Jackson Diehl writing in the Wash Post about Will Marshall's With All our Might published by Progressive Policy Institute.
...a substantial body of politicians and policymakers who believe the U.S.mission in Iraq must be sustained until it succeeds; who want to intensify American attempts to spread democracy in the greater Middle East; and who think that the Army needs to be expanded to fight a long war against Islamic extremism.

Their problem isn't only that some people (mostly Republicans and independents) don't believe they exist. Or that the flamers at MoveOn.org would expel them from the party if that were possible. They also face the formidable task of rescuing what they believe is a quintessentially Democratic policy agenda from the wreckage of the Bush administration, so that a future president can do it right.
I'm not an optimist on this one but I'll read the book.

via Harry's Place where there is also some good discussion.

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