Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Democratic Leadership Confernce picks up on the Euston Manifeso

Peter Ross writes the European Wake-Up in the DLC's Blueprint Magazine magazine.

via the old leftist himself,
There are cracks in the façade of European leftism that should give us all some hope. They come in the form of editorialists, academics, activists, and bloggers who've pretty much had it with the reflexive anti-globalism, anti-Americanism, and anti-interventionism of the 1968 generation in Europe. Some of the new voices are youngish journalists in rebellion against the dogmatism of their elders, who often exercise iron control -- and sometimes enforce ideological unanimity -- over certain key media like Le Monde, Der Spiegel, and the BBC.

Perhaps the most noticeable fissure in the masonry of group-think is a new initiative promoted by old British leftist Norman Geras, who supports the war in Iraq and democratization in the Middle East. Together with a young columnist named Nick Cohen, Geras is leading a new movement dubbed the Euston Manifesto -- because it was conceived during several meetings in a pub near London's Euston Station. The manifesto is posted on the Internet and is open for anyone to sign. Within a month of going up in early spring, it had attracted hundreds of signatures, quickly becoming an intellectual and ideological home for many disillusioned European leftists who are looking for a sensible progressive movement to join. That has to warm an American progressive's heart.
Now, if only there were some sensible leftists here in my home.

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