Sunday, May 14, 2006

Danny Davis to the Cook County Board (again)

Long article in today's Sun Times.

Can't Cook County do better than someone who won't do a thing till its over over there?

Not to mention this odd event at DC's Dirkenson Federal Bldg,
In a video on the IIFWP website, Cummings is seen giving a speech saying Moon is “always standing up for what is right.” Davis, wearing white gloves, places a jeweled crown on Moon’s head. The video, and articles about the event, were taken down from the website Friday.

Asked if he thought the crowning unusual, Davis, who has attended several Moon events, replied, “I see people crowned. I go to parades quite a bit … [and see] the queen of the homecoming parade, queen of the festival.”

cp at Illinoiz

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Levois said...

Not a big fan of Danny Davis or his big government ways but he's better than Todd Stroger. But Danny Davis wouldn't be my first choice to take the place of John Stroger. He would have been mayor of Chicago once upon a time too.