Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Barone on McGovern, idealists of 1972 and the End of More

Barone writes on George McGovern's End of More essay in the LA Times.
I supported McGovern for president in 1972 and continue to admire him, even though I disagree now with many of the positions I took then. I think he did an admirable job as ambassador to the Food and Agricultural Organization in Rome; he was appointed by President Clinton and was asked to remain on the job for a year by President Bush, who then appointed Ohio Democratic Rep. Tony Hall to fill the position. Hall, whose interest in feeding the hungry arises out of strong religious conviction, was admired by members of both parties in the House. It's interesting that Bush does not seem to have gotten much credit for appointing these idealistic Democrats.
I cast my first presidential vote for McGovern in 1972. I still admire him now too although I also disagree with many of his postions, and regret some of the things he says.

I think he may have it wrong here on More too, because in fact John L. Lews had it right. We all really want more, and the way to get more is to build wealth (not transfer income).

That's what the administration's ownership ideas were all about: creating assets and wealth that would grow, build wealth, and ultimately more for all. A variation of sorts on McGovern's demogrant program that focuses on investiment rather than income.

There was surprizing similarity between the two. I'm not surprized Bush would reappoint idealists.

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America said...

He also reappoints idiots, i.e. Rumsfeld, the worst Sec of Defense post WW2.

And I supported the Iraq Invasion.