Monday, May 29, 2006

Ahmadinejad: you will be the only ones to suffer.

From Der Spiegel,
"I only accept something as the truth if I have really been convinced," he told DER SPIEGEL. He also reiterated his statements questioning Israel's right to exist. "We say if the Holocaust happened, then the Europeans must accept the consequences and the price should not be paid by Palestine," he said. "If it did not happen, then the Jews must return to where they came from." Ahmadinejad also faulted Europe for its polices toward Iran, saying the Europeans are "losing your reputation." Nevertheless, he described Iranian relations with Europe and Germany as "good" and said Tehran would seek to "further expand" these ties.

However, Ahmadinejad warned that Europe should "stand behind Iran" in the current nuclear conflict. Otherwise, Ahmadinejad warned in his SPIEGEL interview, "you will be the only ones to suffer."

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'Ahmadinedschad kämpft für Deutschland'